Creativity is a part of our daily lives over here at our HomeGrownHOME.
And we love sharing that with you all. Hoping it will inspire you to be creative too and learn some new Life Skills.

However we also realize that not everyone has a studio stacked full of staple supplies or have the ability to get hold of all the supplies needed for every craft.
So we have done the hard work of gathering & sourcing supplies for you. Creating easy to use Craft Kits that have everything you need for your craft in one beautiful recycled box. 

And though it's fun to learn how to do crafts, it is sometimes just as much fun to buy that item already made and ready to use. Saving you time and effort and giving you the opportunity to enjoy a quality hand crafted product straight from the experienced hands of master crafters. 

We have stocked our Etsy store with all the merchandise inspired by our vlogs and crafting here at our HomeGrownHOME. They make great gifts for the creative people in your life. Or a little treat for yourself to enjoy.

From our Home to yours..



What you need:
  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Beeswax
  • Pine resin
  • Jojoba Oil

What else you need:
  • Baking tray
  • Baking parchment
  • Iron
  • Cooling rack

What you do:
Cut fabric to your required size.
Cover Baking tray with baking parchment.
Evenly sprinkle beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil over fabric. 
-If you are using our Beeswax Blocks, you can simply place the Beeswax Block in the center of the fabric and pop this into the oven to melt. 
Place another piece of Baking parchment over fabric.
Gently place iron onto fabric to melt the beeswax. Smooth iron over fabric to spread wax blend evenly onto fabric.
Lift top piece of parchment and carefully remove the Beeswax Wrap. Take care doing this,, it will be very hot. 

You Beeswax Wrap is ready to use as soon as it cools down.

Beeswax wraps can last up to 8 months if taken care of properly.
To clean, wash off with cold soapy water. Do not scrub.
Not suitable for meat.

Beeswax wraps are a wonderful natural alternative to plastic cling film. And great for the environment by helping to eliminate waste.
Beeswax is naturally antiseptic, it will keep your food fresh and is a safe hygienic way of storing fresh food. 

Try out our beautiful ready-made HomeGrownHome Beeswax Wraps



What you need:
  • Wax - we usually use Eco Soy Wax.
  • Candle Wicks.
  • Double Sided candle Wick Stickers.
  • Container for your candle.
  • Wick adjuster. We use specialized metal ones for our shop candles. But a wooden clothes pin also gets the job done. 
  • Fragrances/Essential Oil. 
  • Candle color wax. We don't usually use these anymore, as we love the natural milky tint of the Eco Soy Wax. And we've found that the candle colors can cause problems with the texture of a candle as it sets.  

What else you need:
  • A pot big enough for your wax. With an easy to pour funnel on the rim. This helps to pour neat liquid wax easier. 
  • Thermometer.
  • Baking Sheet.
  • Baking parchment.

What you do:
Prepare your containers for your candles by wiping them clean. And inserting candle wicks by applying the double sided candle wick sticker and sticking it to the center of your container. 
Place the candle wick adjuster over the container and secure the wick. making sure it's centered and tight. 
Place containers on a Baking sheet covered with baking parchment. This helps with clean-up afterwards. Preventing wax stains on your counter tops.

Measure out your Wax and your essential oils.
Pour wax into your pot and melt it on a medium heat. Check your thermometer closely to bring wax up to 185'C. 
Once it reaches this temp, remove from heat and monitor it closely while it cools down. 
Once it gets to 120'C add your fragrance/essential oils and mix well for a few minutes.
Carefully and slowly pour the liquid wax into the container. 

We don't usually move our candles once they're poured. But wait until they have cooled down a bit. Make sure you keep your cooling candles in a safe spot. Liquid wax is very hot and can cause serious burns. Keep away from children. 

Candle Making is a fun craft to try out. But for immediate gratification of your fragrance candle needs. You can find our hand poured candles in our HOMEGROWN SHOP. 

Find our hand poured quality HomegrownHOME Candles here


What you need:
  • Wreath Structure - we use our own handwoven willow wreaths.
  • Pruning Sheers
  • Twine/String/Garden wire
  • Assortment of Fabric Flowers & Foliage
  • Ribbon

What you do:
Starting with the foliage as a base for the wreath carefully wrap these around your wreath structure and secure in pace with the string. 
Make sure to asses you wreath frequently to make sure your composition is balanced. 
Next decide on your flower placement. And start filling in your wreath by twisting the stems of your flowers around the wreath structure. Intertwining them with the foliage. Securing them with gardeners wire or twine.

We enjoy whimsical rustic wreaths with a looser composition and bohemian free flowing feel. 
Once you are happy with your design, finish it off by adding your ribbon. And attach a piece of string for hanging.



What you need:
  • Dried lavender 
  • Linen fabric
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needles
  • Twine/String
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Scissors

What you also need:
  • Sewing machine
  • Learn a few basic embroidery stitches online.

What you do:
Cut your fabric. We find that 10 x 20cm is a good size for a lavender sachet.
Decide on the picture you wish to embroider. It helps to make a light drawing on the fabric as guidance. 
Set your fabric into your embroidery hoop. 
Following basic stitches, embroider your picture onto your fabric. taking care to keep picture on the top third of the fabric. Allowing for space for a top seam and bow. 

Fold top seam inward, pin down and sew a straight seam line. Do the same on both sides.
Folding the fabric inwards with embroidered picture on the inner side, pin the side seams and sew.
Unfold sachet inside out and pull out corners for a tidy finish.

Fill the lavender sachet with the dried lavender. About two thirds full. 
Cut string, twine or ribbon and make a bow toe at the top seam.

Lavnder Sachets are a wonderful indulgence to put into your linen or clothes drawers. Hand on handers inside wardrobes or coat cupboards. Place under your pillows for a relaxing fragrance aroma to soothe your sleep. 
They make a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

We have done all the hard work for you by making hand Embroidered Lavender Sachets which you can find in our HOMEGROWN SHOP.
They are handmade here in Ireland and filled with an aromatic blend of our own HomeGrownHOME dried lavender and French lavender heads.


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